About collaboration with CPAAI


We are a member firm of CPA Associates International since 2004, which merged with MGI Worldwide in 2019 (CPAAI & MGI Worldwide), which is one of the (15) largest accounting and consulting association in the world, and a leading auditing, financial and management consultancy association, founded in 1969 and operating in more than 100 countries. This membership allows our company to benefit from the enormous technical and human resources of the CPA Associates International and MGI Worldwide globally, as well as allowing us to benefit from training programs and professional developments and to learn about the latest technical developments to ensure the continued provision of the best professional services locally and internationally, and confirms our company’s commitment to constantly strive to raise our level of professional and technical services.

Our company provides its services within Saudi Arabia through the office in Jeddah with a group of employees including members of professional associations, who hold specialized university degrees and have adequate training and practical experience in auditing government and semi-government accounts, banks and various types of companies, institutions and factories.

We also provide our services outside Saudi Arabia through the CPA Associates International and MGI Worldwide (CPAA & MGI Worldwide).

To achieve its overall objectives and to provide and coordinate public services in a mutual framework, CPA Associates International has built its philosophy as follows:

  1. Providing outstanding services to clients
  2. Helping the group’s members and partners by providing financial and management advice and highly qualified professional staff.
  3. All members attend the annual meeting held in the country of one of the members to discuss and keep up to date with the latest developments.