First: Auditing


Our primary business in professional practice is to audit clients’ financial statements for an independent professional opinion. This audit is conducted in accordance with the legal requirements of the audit and in accordance with the established audit rules, and the audit procedures we carry out during our audit are carried out in accordance with the international standards. In this area, the following audit procedures are of particular importance:

As part of our services, we provide management with reports of significant incapacity or weakness in the internal control system, accounting procedures and any accounting violations that we observe during our audit.

With this activity, we are in accordance with the internal audit standards and in an objective and independent manner in order to add value to the client and to improve its business. We help the business achieve its objectives by following a disciplined approach to assess and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance mechanisms, including information systems auditing activities (IT Audit).

And through our work, we focus on the following:

– Protecting the Facility’s finances.

– Checking and evaluating the accounting system.

– Verifying the accuracy of the information.

– We make sure policies and procedures are implemented.

– Follow-up on the implementation of the plans developed.

– Training of workers.

– Bankruptcy related procedures.

Second: Zakat and Taxation Consultancy


Third: Bankruptcy Procedures

Our Bankruptcy Procedures services include

Our main services in the professional practice as a trustee in bankruptcy proceedings

Fourth: Other special services

Our office provides other services in a variety of areas such as:

Audit approach

We apply the unified international audit method of CPA Associates International (CPAAI) in the service of our client, which ensures effective and continuous communication of all issues and important matters related to the audit and the work of the client in addition to compliance with the regulations and requirements in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


CPA Associates International has a unified audit approach and procedures supported by modern technology that helps:

Key characteristics:

Partner guidance: Our partners direct the planning and implementation of the audit procedures based on their experience and knowledge of the nature of the client’s activity, the partner in charge of the client’s service is required to intervene effectively and continuously in the process of managing and guiding the audit process.

Risk identification: We identify risks associated with the nature of the client’s activity and the audit process at the level of the core accounts and possible errors, in addition, we help the client identify the risks of its work and determine the extent to which internal control measures are in place to reduce these risks and thus respond to these risks by planning audit procedures that focus on these risks.

Interaction: We interact with the management of the client and respond appropriately to its needs and expectations.

Flexibility: We develop the audit plan to respond to changing circumstances.